Storytelling Performances

Storytelling Performances

These one hour performances are designed for adult audiences of all ages! Consider any one of the performances listed below when you are looking for that special closing to your staff appreciation day, or for holiday entertainment at your workplace, or an enlivening experience to give your teachers, staff, volunteers, or board of directors.

“Midge is amazing. Each time I have seen her perform I have been mesmerized. When I had her to our area, all the people invited agreed. She is delightful. I’d recommend anything she offers.” –Cindy Anderson

To Riverdance and Beyond

Celebrate St. Patrick and everything else Irish in this enchanting performance of ancient myths, legends, and stories about colorful characters from the Land of Saints and Scholars. No, Celtic stories are NOT just about whiskey and leprechauns!

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off to Work We Go

Listen to Midge’s stories about work: a funny tale about an embarrassing job, a touching story about having to meet a daily quota, a mystical tale of an Asian baker who brought grace and blessing to her work. These are stories about ordinary work and the people who turn them into extraordinary adventures!

Goddesses, Sinners & Saints, and Other Wild ‘n Woolly Women

Drawing upon tales from mythology, theology, history, fiction, and everyday life, this performance is both a spiritual experience and, a sometimes, ribald adventure into women’s stories.  Some of the tales will tickle your funny bone and others will wisp you away to magical places from times long ago.

Crossing the Threshold: Myths of Change and Transformation

Change is a constant presence in everyone’s life and the ancient myths and legends in this performance are drawn from various world cultures and religious traditions: each one of them reveals the transformative power of change. You’ll meet the Navajo goddess, Changing Woman, the old weaver who wove the future of everyone, and Celtic changelings and selkies.  These are soul-stories which will evoke profound images and deep, imaginal wonderings.

Repair of the World: Healing Stories, Justice Stories

Some of the most beloved, well known stories throughout the world are considered healing stories – tales that usher in the promise of wholeness, or at least, call the listener to restore wholeness wherever they encounter brokenness, injustice or despair. Midge’s tales of healing and justice are borrowed from sacred texts of the world’s religions, from folklore and mythology. This is a performance that brings special meaning to those who work in the fields of health or healing.