One-Woman Shows

Original One-Woman Shows

RememberingTheHolidaysAre you looking for a really fun and different way to end your event? Want a special kind of after-dinner entertainment for your conference? Ready to try someone with an interactive and theatrical approach? Then hire Midge to bring one of her original shows to your group!

Each show is based on personal stories from her life; growing up as a Baby Boomer, being raised an Irish Catholic, or living into life’s ‘mature’ years.  Adults of all ages recognize themselves, their families, and friends in these shows.

Sometimes irreverent but never inappropriate, sometimes tender but never schmaltzy, each show reflects our common humanity. You can book any show in its entirety which runs 1 ½ – 2hours, or an excerpted version of the show which runs 30-60 minutes.  Why not ratchet up the laughter level for your next meeting or conference and treat your group to one of the shows listed below?

Remember3photosRemembering the Holidays At My House
Mi casa, tu casa!

Midge shares personal stories about the holidays at her house while growing up in Smalltown, USA. She combines music, song, drama, and dance into a show that is a wild ‘n wacky, sensual delight!

You’ll practically smell Thanksgiving cooking as Midge tells about her mom and the turkey stuffing that continues to shape the family legacy.

You’ll  sit up straight when you meet Sr. Mary Gregoria of the Sacred Heart who taught Midge’s 3rd grade class the proper (that is, perfect!) way to set up an Advent manger scene.

Be prepared for some surprises when you meet Midge’s quiet spoken, religious White Lace Irish relatives, and then meet her raucous, hard drinking, partying, French-Canadian relatives!

This show will warm your heart and keep the winter’s cold at bay.

“It was a lot of fun to attend this show. Your presence there was a special part of the whole evening for me. Can still see you doing the 3 King March!!! Such a great  performance. ” –Rosie Geiser

“You did a fabulous job and I hope you will consider doing more of these at Cedar Valley in the future.” –Rebecca Conde, Director, Cedar Valley Center and Spa


Kumbaya: The Life and Times of a Baby Boomer

KumbayaA special show that celebrates the times and times of the Baby Boomer generation! It’s designed for audiences of all ages and is packed with fun and zany, interactive sketches. Everyone joins in the fun as Midge brings back Spam sandwiches, chocolate Cokes, and what it was like to watch the Mickey Mouse Club on a teeny-weeny television set.

When Midge belts out 60’s hits like Duke of Earl or Leader of the Pack people are up on their feet, swaying to the music. Some even volunteer to be her back-up singers! The show also includes sketches from the hippie years, the young adult years when changing the baby meant cloth diapers and rubber pants, and sketches about the challenges of living as a mid-life boomer.


 Memories of an Irish Catholic Childhood

FirstCommunionA person doesn’t have to be Irish or Catholic to fall in love with this unique and heartfelt show. With both affection and chutzpa, Midge invites us into her childhood memories.

It was a time of innocence, of wide-open imagination, and a conviction that grace is as real as guardian angels.

In one of the sketches we learn the process for saving pagan babies. In others we learn how to get poor souls out of purgatory and why Midge had to go to confession twice on the same day. There’s even mention about the terrible sufferings endured by martyrs in the classic Catholic school book of the 1950’s, Lives of the Saints. The show mixes satire and edgy humor with gratitude for the childhood she still cherishes and wouldn’t have missed for the world!

“YOU ARE AWESOME….you could have named this presentation “how to make lemonade out of lemons” HOORAY FOR YOU” —Carol Knight