Keynote Talks

Keynote Talks

Midge’s keynote speeches are peppered with stories. After all, what communicates more effectively than a compelling story? Midge combines the power of narrative with her quick and earthy Irish wit to provide insights on how to live and work with greater enthusiasm, meaning and compassion.

Midge’s talks make people think. They also evoke wonderful outbursts of belly-laughter and heartfelt emotions such as wonder, tenderness, or passion. Don’t be surprised if your audience members find themselves interacting with each other – Midge is a dynamic speaker with an uncanny ability to get people talking!

Midge works collaboratively with her clients, adapting each talk to the event’s theme or focus. Her keynotes and other speeches range in time frames of 45 to 90 minutes.

Here are a few examples of the Keynotes Midge delivers to audiences in the fields of business, health care, education, religion, and other non-profit areas.

You Don’t Have to Leave Work Exhausted

Based on the book by the Ann McGee Cooper Midge describes current crisis of employee exhaustion in American workplaces and its consequences on the well-being of employees and company productivity. Inspiring stories and practical skills are offered for helping foster human energy, nourish the human spirit, and keep exhaustion at bay.

Organizational Narrative: Unleashing Spirit and Engagement in the Workplace

Drawing on examples from her own leadership experience Midge discusses ways storytelling qualifies as ‘best practice,’ as one that unleashes greater energy, passion and productivity in the workplace.

In addition, she uses stories to illustrate 4 strategies for incorporating this ‘best practice’ and unleashing spirit and engagement at work.

  • Discover…… the organization’s core story
  • Remove or re-shape…. what is no longer relevant in the story
  • Communicate and
  • Celebrate…. the organization’s story

“Every day, both worker productivity and organizational profitability seem to demand increasing workforce engagement. You accomplish this through skillful storytelling and skillful energy management.” — Jim Loehr, The Power of Story

Organizational Identity: It Matters What Stories We Tell

Groups and organizations of all kinds with the courage to persevere through turbulent times possess a powerful understanding of their shared identity, their core story. In this talk, Midge speaks persuasively about the ways stories and storytelling foster organizational identity. They help answer key questions of identity: Who are you – were did you come from – whose legacy are you living – and why are you here?

Midge enhances her talk with stories, some of which are serious and others are downright quirky! This is a delightful, informative and challenging presentation that reinforces theologian, Sallie McFague’s statement that, “Our identities are shaped by the stories we tell ourselves and one another about who we are.”

From Multi-Tasking to Uni-Tasking: Making Every Moment Matter

In this hilarious 60 minute talk Midge delivers a timely, challenging message through her trademark style of combining input with performance art. Research from fields of business, psychology, and eastern spiritual traditions verify that multi-tasking is detrimental to the health of people and workplaces!

As an antidote, Midge encourages the skill of uni-tasking and its amazing capacity to help us ‘show up’ for life’s every moment! She also offers simple strategies on how to start integrating this crucial life skill at home and at work. .

“Mindfulness is the ability to be present to life as it is moment to moment.” –Jon Kabat-Zinn