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Unfolding spirit and engagement in organizations, one story at a time…

Welcome to The Storied Organization, a learning and consulting company that provides the skills and information needed to help grow more energized, engaged, productive leaders and organizations. The services described on this site uniquely combine storytelling with a dynamic, adult-centered, teaching style coupled with insights from the wisdom traditions. As a professional storyteller and trainer with organizations from the fields of health care, higher education, and religion, Midge Miles has had first hand experience animating and mobilizing people around their work through the power of story.

Is This Your Story?

Once there was a company where people came to work every day tired, complacent, and easily distracted. Innovation, vitality, and productivity were no longer part of their core story. Instead people went to work with as much excitement for leadership development, change management, or life itself as they had for their “grandfather’s Oldsmobile!” Theirs had become a story about a workforce characterized by disengagement and diminished spirits.

If So, Let Me Help Make THIS Your Story

Some time later at the same company, people learned to be more selective in the stories they chose to tell themselves and one another about who they were.  As the stories changed, so did the company. They became a workplace of women and men passionate about their craft and committed to excellence. The human spirits of those who worked there were nourished, and everyone was convinced of their work’s contribution to the common good.

“Midge’s passion is infectious and is very evident in her work.  She helped our management team use their own life stories to strengthen their values and leadership skills.  Midge enabled us to use the power of stories to build a stronger understanding of and commitment to our mission and vision.” –Mike Sanders, President/CEO, Monroe Clinic, WI